NOTE: The Town of Greenville has partnered with Penn-Northwest to distribute federal CARES money received to assist small businesses.


Penn-Northwest Development Corporation has announced The CV-CARES CDBG program of grants. The program is focused on grants to assist businesses which will retain or add employment for a low-to moderate income worker. Eligibility will be determined via the Income Certification Form within the application. Grants up to $10,000 will be awarded, with the award to be based on evaluation of data supplied by the applicant. 

For profit small businesses in Greenville, Grove City, Pine Township, Sharpsville, and other Mercer County locations can apply. Please see the application for full details. Eligibility criteria:

  • Must demonstrate the business has experienced disruption due to Covid-19.

  • Provide evidence of the business' viability prior to Covid-19.

  • Business has operated at least for one year prior to Covid-19.

  • Taxes are up to date.

  • Businesses as 100 or fewer employees.

  • Demonstrate that with assistance the business will create or retain a least one full time equivalent job.

The application form and criteria are available on Penn-Northwest’s website beginning today, February 22, and will close on March 26 at 4:30 PM. The screening process will begin as soon as applications are received and will cease when all available funds have been awarded. Applications will be screened for eligibility by PNDC and subsequently forwarded to the municipalities.

Eligible awardees will be approved at a subsequent municipal meeting. Contracts will be signed by the municipality and business, then forwarded for invoicing to the Mercer County CDBG-CV program. The entire process could take up to 60 days.

For questions, please have contact,l or call 724-662-3705.